Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge and why?

It depends on the date, type of event, location, duration, number of guests, etc. We are not an 'average' DJ service. We are proud of the value we bring to our clients and price our service based on that value. Before you decide on the least expensive DJ, please think about how much influence a disc jockey has on the success of your event.

What is your payment policy?

The deposit amount is usually $100.00 to $250.00. PLEASE NOTE: the balance is due at least 14 days prior to the event, payable in cash, check, money order, certified check, debit or credit card. To pay online by credit or debit card, click here then follow the instructions. This policy is in place to assure you don't have to worry about carrying payments to your event.

What is your cancellation policy?

The deposit fee is non-refundable. It can, however, be applied towards a future booking within one year if we have the date available.

What is your policy on 'holding' dates for someone?

All dates are on a first come, first served basis. If you've called or emailed about a particular date and it's open, someone else can contact us and reserve it. However, once we agree on a fee and we send you a contract, that date is reserved for you for a period of 10 days. If we do not receive your deposit and signed contract by the deadline listed on the agreement, the date once again becomes available to the next person that may want it. Once we have received your deposit and signed contract the date is all yours.

Are you insured?

Yes. VIP Disc Jockey Entertainment, LLC is a fully insured company with equipment and liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind.

After we hire you for our wedding or event, when do we meet to go over the final details?

Ideally, we would like to have all the final details for your event two weeks before your reception or event. This includes all song requests. This gives us adequate time to arrange your event and locate any songs that are not in our library.

Why should we hire you? Anyone can play music.

A DJ should do more than simply play music. A good DJ will also act as the MC of an event. A good MC is the most important part of the wedding reception or event. The DJ/MC brings out the personality of the event. He adds to the atmosphere. He must be experienced enough to constantly adjust throughout the event to assure everyone has a good time.

I have a friend that will DJ my wedding or event for $300. Can you beat it?

No, we can't beat that. To our knowledge, we know of no professional DJ that has the required professional equipment, music library, and experience to host a successful wedding or event within this price range.

Is your music collection 100% legal?

Yes. With the advent of illegal file-sharing on the internet, it's possible for an individual to simply download all the songs they want and start a DJ business. We are a legitimate and professional Disc Jockey service. All of our music is of the highest digital quality and is purchased from music companies that sell only to disc jockeys. Our purchase prices include performance royalties.

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes. We will outline all the entertainment-related information that we have agreed on in an easy-to-read contract. This will protect you, the client, as well as us, the provider of excellent DJ services.

Can we stay in touch with you if we have any questions?

Yes. We are incredibly easy to contact. We actually answer our phone unlike many DJ companies that only provide voice mail. Emails are replied to ASAP.

What kind of music do you provide?

We provide big band, dance, classic rock, popular rock, Top 40, swing, 80s dance, jazz, country, disco, ethnic, latin, popular and Motown, to name a few, in addition to all the best party hits from the 40s to today. All together, we have well over 50,000 songs that we bring with us to any event.

Can we pick out music for our event?

Yes. Our web site allows you to query our music database and create a list of your top dance songs, special requests and 'do not play' songs from our enormous music library. That will give us an idea of the genres of music you like for your event: we'll do the rest. Or, you can leave it up to our years of experience to blend the right selection for your specific event. We actually enjoy getting lists from our clients as it helps us to make the event YOUR EVENT!

Do you take (and play) requests?

Yes and no. Yes, we take requests that are appropriate to your event. We keep track of requests and will play them at appropriate times during the event. And no, we won't play anything inappropriate or offending or containing vulgarity, especially if there are children at the event. We try to play as many requests as possible, but there simply might not be enough time to play them all. Also, we won't play requests that the client has placed on their 'do not play' list.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Yes, all of our systems are designed with backup equipment. We feel ALL DJ's should be able to recover from equipment failures on-site.

Can we meet with you before our event?

Yes, it is a must. We will make an appointment with you in person or by telephone. We will contact you at least two weeks prior to your event. We also offer complete access to your event's plan via our web site. We will make every effort to get the planning completed to your satisfaction.

Are gratuities accepted?

Gratuities are accepted and appreciated and may be given to the DJ at your event. If you feel our service (or that of any other vendor) has performed over and beyond your expectations, then it is at your discretion.

Can we come and see you in action at a party of reception?

Unfortunately, no. We do not think it is appropriate to invite potential clients to our current client's events. We respect their right to privacy. Since every client's tastes are different, you may view an event and think, "this DJ is not my style", when in reality the DJ may simply be complying with the wishes of that particular client.

Do you take breaks?

No, not unless you want or require us to. The music is non-stop!

Can we (or a guest) give you a CD to play?

For the most part, the answer is yes. We cannot control the content or quality of what might be on a CD given to us, especially a homemade one. You are welcome to give us the CD to test for quality and content before the event.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use DJ equipment that is recognized throughout the industry as the top-of-the-line professional DJ gear. Our preferred brands are JBL, Mackie, American DJ and Martin Lighting.

What if our DJ gets sick?

In our eyes, the show must go on. In the remote possibility that an emergency prevents us from getting to your event, we have a full backup plan. That is one of the benefits of booking with a multi-service DJ Company: we always have someone on call. We do not subcontract. Our DJs work for us, are trained by us and use our equipment. All have been with us at least 10 years. When you book VIP Entertainment, you get VIP Entertainment.

Are you available for overtime?

We want to keep the fun going for as long as you want. We can work beyond our contracted time if the venue will allow it. You can pay for overtime at the time it is requested. You can also book overtime in advance. Overtime is $50.00 per half hour.

Are you a member of any professional organizations?

Yes. We are a charter member of Savannah Wedding Professionals, an association of the area's leading bridal experts, and leaders in the local wedding field to ensure the highest level of professionalism, produce exceptional events and advance the wedding industry in Georgia's First City. VIP Entertainment is also a member of The American Disc Jockey Association.

How Do We Hire You?

We will discuss your event and your needs, agree on a fee, and send you a contract via email or mail. Simply sign it and return it with your deposit by the date indicated on your contract. From there, we'll stay in touch with you and help you with the planning process leading up to your event. It's that easy.

With our decades of experience, you can be assured we have the knowledge, talent, and passion to make your event one you and your guests will remember!

Contact us today to request a quote!